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*  WAC 246-841-405: Nursing assistant delegation.
4) A nursing assistant may consent or refuse to consent to perform a delegated nursing care task. The nursing assistant is ... 1) Nursing assistants perform tasks delegated by a registered nurse for patients in community-based care settings or in-home ... c) All nursing assistants must comply with all applicable requirements of the nursing care quality assurance commission in WAC ... 5) Nursing assistants shall not accept delegation of, or perform, the following nursing care tasks:. (a) Administration
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She received her master's degree in nursing from Yale University and her doctor of nursing practice from Massachusetts General ... CNM is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Connell School of Nursing. ... She received her master's degree in nursing from Yale University and her doctor of nursing practice from Massachusetts General ... Connell School of Nursing. Maloney Hall. 140 Commonwealth Avenue Chestnut Hill, MA 02467. Call: 617-552-4250 ...
*  Nursing Expectations | School of Nursing | CSUSM
What to Expect in a Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Nursing Program. We often receive inquiries from our prospective students and ... Students in a nursing program must demonstrate knowledge of these concepts in the classroom setting. In addition, the student ... Upon admission to the Nursing program, you will be required at that time to have a physical and have a doctor complete our ... These skills and abilities can be honed and developed while in the Nursing program, but we want to present a realistic
*  The Robert & Doris Watts Nursing Home
The Robert and Doris Watts Nursing Home is registered to provide accommodation for 35 people who require nursing and personal ... The Robert & Doris Watts Nursing Home is run by Robert & Doris Watts Healthcare Limited ...
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A milestone accomplished while working as a full-time Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in a Shock Trauma teaching hosp ... Online Community Manager and Nurse Entrepreneur. A self-made mediapreneur, social media maven and 10-year blogging veteran who ... seanpdent's Nursing Blog - I'm a Freelance Blogger, Vlogger, Podcaster, Social Media Specialists, ... Why should Nurses care about these things called Podcasts?. by seanpdent - The better question to ask first is, "What the heck ...
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Together, we can learn, share, and network with nurses and nursing students from all around the world. ... TonyPharmD's Nursing Blog - Welcome to my allnursesPage! You can learn all about me here. ...
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No data available that match "Nursing"

(1/248) Effect of clinical guidelines in nursing, midwifery, and the therapies: a systematic review of evaluations.

BACKGROUND: Although nursing, midwifery, and professions allied to medicine are increasingly using clinical guidelines to reduce inappropriate variations in practice and ensure higher quality care, there have been no rigorous overviews of their effectiveness, 18 evaluations of guidelines were identified that meet Cochrane criteria for scientific rigor. METHODS: Guideline evaluations conducted since 1975 which used a randomised controlled trial, controlled before and after, or interrupted time series design were identified through a combination of database and hand searching. RESULTS: 18 studies met the inclusion criteria. Three studies evaluated guideline dissemination or implementation strategies, nine compared use of a guideline with a no guideline state; six studies examined skill substitution: performance of nurses operating according to a guideline were compared with standard care, generally provided by a physician. Significant changes in the process of care were found in six out of eight studies measuring process and in which guidelines were expected to have a positive impact on performance. In seven of the nine studies measuring outcomes of care, significant differences in favour of the intervention group were found. Skill substitution studies generally supported the hypothesis of no difference between protocol driven by nurses and care by a physician. Only one study included a formal economic evaluation, with equivocal findings. CONCLUSIONS: Findings from the review provide some evidence that care driven by a guideline can be effective in changing the process and outcome of care. However, many studies fell short of the criteria of the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group (EPOC) for methodological quality.  (+info)

(2/248) Are medical informatics and nursing informatics distinct disciplines? The 1999 ACMI debate.

The 1999 debate of the American College of Medical Informatics focused on the proposition that medical informatics and nursing informatics are distinctive disciplines that require their own core curricula, training programs, and professional identities. Proponents of this position emphasized that informatics training, technology applications, and professional identities are closely tied to the activities of the health professionals they serve and that, as nursing and medicine differ, so do the corresponding efforts in information science and technology. Opponents of the proposition asserted that informatics is built on a re-usable and widely applicable set of methods that are common to all health science disciplines, and that "medical informatics" continues to be a useful name for a composite core discipline that should be studied by all students, regardless of their health profession orientation.  (+info)

(3/248) Terminology standards for nursing: collaboration at the summit.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of the 1999 Nursing Vocabulary Summit Conference was to seek consensus on and a common approach to the development of nursing terminology standards for use in information systems. METHODS: A four-day invitational conference brought together authors and representatives of responsible organizations concerned with the nursing terminologies recognized or under consideration by the American Nurses Association, along with experts on language and standards and representatives of professional organizations, federal agencies, and the health informatics industry. RESULTS: Participants distinguished between colloquial terminologies and reference terminologies, and between information models and terminology models. They agreed that most recognized nursing terminologies were colloquial terminologies and that a reference terminology was needed. They formed task forces to develop and test aspects of a reference terminology model prior to a second meeting in June 2000, at which they would determine readiness to collaborate on a single international standard. DISCUSSION: The 1999 Nursing Vocabulary Summit Conference changed the level of discussion about nursing vocabulary standards from a debate about the relative merits of the various terminologies recognized in the United States to an examination of methods for developing and testing a reference terminology model and, eventually, a reference terminology that could serve as an international standard.  (+info)

(4/248) Standards for nursing terminology.

Terminology work in nursing has given rise to an increasing number of nursing terminologies. These generally take the form of controlled vocabularies. Because of the limitations of the controlled vocabulary approach, individual terminologies tend to be tuned to meet the specific needs of their intended users. Differences between terminologies are now a significant barrier to the comparison and interchange of health information. To agree on a single, multipurpose terminology would be problematic. However, several options for resolving unnecessary differences between nursing terminologies are currently being explored by international standards bodies and other groups, such as the U.S. Nursing Vocabulary Summit. One such option is the use of a terminology model to facilitate evolution toward a more coherent range of terminologies. The authors describe the motivation behind the development of a standard for nursing terminologies. They explain how a terminology model might form the basis for such a standard through a description of the approach taken by CEN TC251 (the Health Informatics Technical Committee of the European Committee for Standardization). They also discuss possible limitations of standardization.  (+info)

(5/248) Evaluation of the clinical LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers, Names, and Codes) semantic structure as a terminology model for standardized assessment measures.

OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to test the adequacy of the Clinical LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers, Names, and Codes) semantic structure as a terminology model for standardized assessment measures. METHODS: After extension of the definitions, 1, 096 items from 35 standardized assessment instruments were dissected into the elements of the Clinical LOINC semantic structure. An additional coder dissected at least one randomly selected item from each instrument. When multiple scale types occurred in a single instrument, a second coder dissected one randomly selected item representative of each scale type. RESULTS: The results support the adequacy of the Clinical LOINC semantic structure as a terminology model for standardized assessments. Using the revised definitions, the coders were able to dissect into the elements of Clinical LOINC all the standardized assessment items in the sample instruments. Percentage agreement for each element was as follows: component, 100 percent; property, 87.8 percent; timing, 82.9 percent; system/sample, 100 percent; scale, 92.6 percent; and method, 97.6 percent. DISCUSSION: This evaluation was an initial step toward the representation of standardized assessment items in a manner that facilitates data sharing and re-use. Further clarification of the definitions, especially those related to time and property, is required to improve inter-rater reliability and to harmonize the representations with similar items already in LOINC.  (+info)

(6/248) Embedded structures and representation of nursing knowledge.

Nursing Vocabulary Summit participants were challenged to consider whether reference terminology and information models might be a way to move toward better capture of data in electronic medical records. A requirement of such reference models is fidelity to representations of domain knowledge. This article discusses embedded structures in three different approaches to organizing domain knowledge: scientific reasoning, expertise, and standardized nursing languages. The concept of pressure ulcer is presented as an example of the various ways lexical elements used in relation to a specific concept are organized across systems. Different approaches to structuring information-the clinical information system, minimum data sets, and standardized messaging formats-are similarly discussed. Recommendations include identification of the polyhierarchies and categorical structures required within a reference terminology, systematic evaluations of the extent to which structured information accurately and completely represents domain knowledge, and modifications or extensions to existing multidisciplinary efforts.  (+info)

(7/248) An evaluation of ICNP intervention axes as terminology model components.

In this paper we evaluate selected axes of the International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP) as terminology model components for nursing actions by dissecting and categorizing two data sets of term phrases (Patient Care Data Set and Home Health Care Classification). Second, we critically analyze the relationships between the ICNP axes and terminology model components used to formally define procedures (including nursing actions) in SNOMED RT. Our findings demonstrate that the semantic categories represented by the ICNP intervention axes are relevant sources for terminology model components for nursing actions. In addition, our findings suggest that only minimal additions or extensions to the current semantic links of SNOMED RT are needed to support the formal definition of nursing actions such as those contained in PCDS and HHCC.  (+info)

(8/248) The evolution of a clinical database: from local to standardized clinical languages.

For more than twenty years, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Nursing Informatics (UIHC NI) has been developing a clinical database to support patient care planning and documentation in the INFORMM NIS (Information Network for Online Retrieval & Medical Management Nursing Information System). Beginning in 1992, the database content was revised to standardize orders and to incorporate the Standardized Nursing Languages (SNLs) of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA), Nursing Diagnosis Extension Classification (NDEC), Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC), and Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC). This paper reports the results of the database revision as well as recent usage data, new user selection methods for clinical content, and the advantages of a database utilizing SNLs.  (+info)


  • gives back to Nurse Educators! (

Trending Nursing Topics

  • Trending Nursing Topics. (

master's degree

  • She received her master's degree in nursing from Yale University and her doctor of nursing practice from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, focused on simulation based education. (
  • The baccalaureate degree in nursing, master's degree in nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice program and post-graduate APRN certificate programs at DeSales University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( ). (


  • Writing the Prescription to Fix Broken Nurse Practitioner (NP) Education (Pt. (


  • Nursing Education and Staff Development are a harmonious blend of two nurturing and caring professions: nursing and teaching. (


  • Prior to shift I discuss with my buddy nurse their expectations of me so that we are clear and on the same page starting out, rather then asuming my responsibilities and getting in over my head. (

School of Nurs

  • Amy Smith, D.N.P., M.S.N., CNM is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Connell School of Nursing. (
  • Mirsky has degrees from St. Leo College in St. Leo and St. Thomas Hospital School of Nursing, Akron, Ohio. (


  • We often receive inquiries from our prospective students and program applicants about what to expect in the Nursing program, so we have prepared this information sheet. (
  • The first section presents the common Physical Requirements for entry and continuation in a Nursing program. (
  • The following physical requirements must be evaluated by a physician prior to entry into a Nursing program. (
  • Upon admission to the Nursing program, you will be required at that time to have a physical and have a doctor complete our required form, as to your abilities with regards to these physical requirements. (
  • The physical exam form will be provided to you at Orientation once admitted to the Nursing program. (
  • If you have any other questions or concerns that are not disability related, then please contact the Nursing Program, via email at (
  • These skills and abilities can be honed and developed while in the Nursing program, but we want to present a realistic picture of stressors for nursing students. (
  • Students in a nursing program must demonstrate knowledge of these concepts in the classroom setting. (
  • Their nursing program is difficult, but you will be WELL prepared for the NCLEX. (
  • Hello, I'm starting the nursing program at OCC this coming fall. (
  • If I applied to the CCRI nursing program February 1, 2012 when should I hear back by? (
  • I will be 46 when I am finished with the nursing program. (
  • I'm 36 and hope to be start the nursing program at the Jefferson campus Fall 2012. (
  • Those recently accepted to Shelton State Community College nursing program. (
  • If you have already been accepted into a nursing program you can get a job as a psw after a month or so into the program. (
  • As well, here, once you get accepted into a nursing program you no longer have to take the CCA course. (
  • Well do you know why they denied your admission to the nursing program as a freshman? (
  • Some nursing programs (not sure about FSU) look strongly at math and science GPAs so I might say you can choose a non-science major but keep trying with science classes to -first and foremost- get a stronger background you'll need for the nursing program and second, to improve your GPA. (
  • not trying to be rude or anything) Also you taking the classes that link to the program and only having nursing classes left has no bearing whether you get in or not. (


  • Nurse educators and staff developers have the unique opportunity to mentor current and future nurses to develop and nurture clinical skills as well as encourage change thereby impacting the care of countless patients downstream. (
  • And, of course, this is what we - especially practising nurses and nurse educators - really want and need to understand if knowledgeable practice is to be achieved consistently in day-to-day nursing. (


  • by Chico David RN - I've stayed broadly in one branch of nursing - cardiac rehabilitation - for almost my whole career. (


  • I am a nursing transfer student from a private school in ohio. (
  • hello everyone, i'm an rn nursing student preparing for my first day in the nicu. (
  • Mattey, president-elect of the association, is the nurse at the 1,100 student Mount Pleasant High School in Delaware's Brandywine School District. (
  • It makes no sense to me that you can have a situation where the (nurse-to-student) ratio is, I believe, 1-to-1,500 students and where there is not a nurse in every school building every day. (
  • Most places require a certificate to work as a PSW but some agencies may hire a nursing student to provide private duty care in a client's home. (
  • hi, i applied to FSU nursing as a transfer student (juniors year with my AA in Pre nurisng) and got denied. (


  • The courses are typically held in hospitals, but will also include skilled nursing facilities, hospice, community health and public health facilities. (
  • It does take a while and some experience to be able to get into that arena of nursing, and not all hospitals have high risk OB units, so your selection may be limited to larger hospitals! (


  • 1) Nursing assistants perform tasks delegated by a registered nurse for patients in community-based care settings or in-home care settings each as defined in RCW 18.79.260 (3)(e). (
  • c) All nursing assistants must comply with all applicable requirements of the nursing care quality assurance commission in WAC 246-840-910 through 246-840-970 . (
  • e) All nursing assistants must meet any additional training requirements identified by the nursing care quality assurance commission. (
  • 4) A nursing assistant may consent or refuse to consent to perform a delegated nursing care task. (
  • The nursing assistant is responsible for their own actions with the decision to consent or refuse to consent and the performance of the delegated nursing care task. (
  • Her clinical background is as a certified nurse midwife, providing full scope obstetrical care in a tertiary care center. (
  • Additional skills and abilities are needed to perform patient care in the clinical settings in order to pass nursing course objectives and requirements. (
  • This stress is produced by both academic study and the necessity of performing nursing care in real patient situations while being observed by the instructors, other health care professionals, and patients. (
  • The Robert and Doris Watts Nursing Home is registered to provide accommodation for 35 people who require nursing and personal care. (
  • Why should Nurses care about these things called Podcasts? (
  • Editor-in-Chief, Associate Executive Director, Patient Care Services/Nurse Executive, Lenox Hill Hospital/North Shore-LIJ Health System, New York, N.Y. (
  • These pretty typical days exemplify the overwhelming need many schools have for registered nurses on site to help take care of a growing number of students with chronic medical conditions. (
  • Jackie Mirsky, R.N., has been named director of nursing at Clyatt's Quality Care nursing facility at 1001 S. Beach St., Daytona Beach. (
  • In her new position she will supervise floor nursing, care planning, infection control, restorative care, medical records and the activities department. (
  • I love being a nurse and working in family medicine but recently I am becoming more and more discouraged because of the comments I receive because I do not work in hopsital or acute care. (
  • I feel like maybe I made a mistake by going into community nursing or clinic nursing and I should have gone to the hospital or acute care instead. (
  • Hospital nursing is not for everyone & even w/in the hospital setting not all nurses are placing tubes in people, running codes, assisting w/surgery etc. and many, many nurses who work in acute care are very unhappy and would very much like to be in a position they enjoy. (
  • They argue that understanding this is important because it demonstrates that nurses must engage with all three modalities to provide effective, efficient and holistic patient care. (
  • After introducing key concepts, it progresses through the steps of the nursing process, clearly delineating nurses'roles throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, the newborn period, and postpartum care. (
  • How to provide care to both a husband and wife who are residents of your nursing home? (


  • The majority of the people who make these comments have NO idea what the TOTAL scope of nursing is or are those who have not furthered their own healthcare careers/education. (


  • Hot Nursing Topics. (
  • These and many other current topics are being discussed in Geriatric Nurses / LTC Nursing . (


  • I think there is also high risk OB & L&D which has many elements from both ER nursing (quick pace, sicker patients, more autonomy) as well as typical OB nursing (ya know, babies, women, all that good stuff). (


  • Nurse-to-patient ratio in AZ? (
  • That ratio drops to one nurse for every 125 students if the children have complex medical needs. (


  • you'll use potter and perry: fundamentals of nursing, 7th edition right away. (


  • they don't allow calculators (unlike most other nursing schools). (
  • But, the nurses association notes, only 45 percent of all public schools have a full-time school nurse on site. (
  • How do Nursing schools calculate GPA? (
  • To provide the development, management and support of a grant programme to nursing schools attached to universities, or universities of technology falling under the auspices of the Department of Education. (
  • If you know what you want to do in life go for it and apply to nursing schools. (


  • i really want to be able to help the nurses and patients while i'm there. (
  • Is there any kind of similar position in Canada I could do to get some first hand exposure before nursing school, and gain some work experience that may help when looking for a job after school. (


  • My school will be sending us to a nursing home for the first semester, and then for the remainder we will do it at a hospital. (
  • Third semester and fourth semesters were spent in a main hospital, and 5th semester will be in various home health and community nursing agencies around town. (


  • The need for nursing practice to be knowledge-based only increases in importance as healthcare systems worldwide become ever more pressurized and complex. (
  • Just curious what type of healthcare facility all the new nursing students will be doing clinicals at. (
  • CONTEMPORARY MATERNAL-NEWBORN NURSING, 8/ethoroughly illuminates all aspects of maternal-newborn nursing and many opportunities for nurses to make a difference in a changing healthcare environment. (


  • The second section discusses sources of stress identified by Nursing Students. (
  • California Nurses and students can share knowledge, wisdom, and experience. (
  • Duff, who serves as president of the National Association of School Nurses, is the nurse at an elementary school with 425 students in South Carolina's Richland County School District One. (
  • The National Association of School Nurses recommends one registered nurse for every 750 students in the general population. (
  • For students who require daily services, the group recommends one nurse for every 225 students. (
  • A common job for most nursing students is working as a sitter either in facilities or homecare. (


  • The concern was more about the reduction in services or in quality of services due to the replacement of RN positions with unlicensed health aides or licensed practical nurses or licensed vocational nurses," she said. (
  • Their work is philosophically framed, as of course it should be, but their root concern is about how nurses locate and use information in practice . (


  • Clinical skills got a good workout, I got up-to-speed on changes since I last did ward nursing, put myself in management's good books, and the night shift & weekend payments were a nice bonus. (


  • Three nurses are charged with wilful neglect following a police investigation into claims of patients' notes being falsified. (
  • Three nurses have been charged with wilful neglect of patients at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend. (


  • Bonner and Lloyd used qualitative research techniques to thematically analyse the transcripts from hour-long interviews with six registered nurses in which they were asked to reflect on their information practices. (


  • In this role, she provides leadership and support to the faculty to integrate innovative simulation based education into the nursing curriculum. (
  • This grant will manage a ZAR 70 million regranting programme to key institutions to improve the quality of nursing education in South Africa. (
  • This forum is available for Nurses who work in staff development, clinical education, or academic settings. (


  • Hello all, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I've been strongly considering nursing for about a year now. (


  • a) Nursing assistants-registered must show the certificate of completion of both the basic caregiver training and core delegation training from the department of social and health services to the registered nurse delegator. (
  • d) All nursing assistants, registered and certified, who may be completing insulin injections must give a certificate of completion of diabetic training from the department of social and health services to the registered nurse delegator. (
  • She formerly was director of nursing at Bishop's Glen Health Center in Holly Hill. (
  • Anyone could measure vital signs or do weight/height or do health history but as a nurse I have the medical background to understand what a patient is sick with based on their symptoms. (


  • Growing up as a new nurse leader, I found inspiration in the pages of this journal. (
  • Articles published in Journal of Addictions Nursing are available to nonsubscribers online and/or in PDF format through pay-per-view. (
  • Thought you might appreciate this item(s) I saw at Journal of Christian Nursing. (
  • Free issues are available for download to explore Journal of Christian Nursing . (
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  • Try the Journal of Christian Nursing app and then give us your feedback ! (
  • Sign up to receive electronic Table of Contents alerts for the Journal of Christian Nursing App and other important announcements. (


  • You don't have to return to a chaotic nursing unit to fulfill your need for patient interaction. (


  • In a run-down hospital, a respected doctor and his young nursing staff have been secretly selling dead bodies on the black market. (
  • If you go back to inpatient staff nursing, will you be all crabby and irritable in a few months? (


  • We make every effort to group your Nursing didactic (lecture) courses each term, but these may occur Monday - Saturday. (
  • Excessive silliness and a lack of consistently good horror material hold this film back, but its entertaining nurses and quirky sense of humor make it worth at least a rental. (


  • LPNs in general get the whole 'your not really a nurse' comment regardless of where you work though. (


  • I can't even get my state nursing board to give me any information on the subject! (
  • Mattey said Delaware is the only state in the country that has a statute requiring at least one nurse for each school. (


  • Floor nurse moving to ER? (
  • I miss floor nursing. (


  • Since then, it's been a conversation piece for all first-timers who visit my office, serving as an inspiration for me and anyone in the room to do work above and beyond what's been done before-a constant reminder of one of my important roles as a nurse executive. (
  • If you work inpatient acute, you're not as 'tough' as ED or ICU nurses or your work is 'easy' (what)? (


  • They undertook their study in the field of renal nursing practice, specifically in two satellite renal units, in Australia, that provide haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis for people who have end-stage kidney disease. (
  • Lots of older people go to nursing school. (


  • I was once a CNA and went through the process of becoming a nurse. (


  • I only wish Sick Nurses spent more time with each of the ladies before they get their just deserts. (
  • Even though the need may be great, full-time school nurses are a vanishing breed due to steep funding cuts many school districts faced following the Great Recession. (
  • No nurse was on duty at the school at the time. (


  • The pay ain't great but its more relevant to nursing than working in retail, etc. (


  • For Hardeeville Today Denise LaSha Dopson 2009 Salutatorian of Ridgeland High School graduated from Trident Technical College with an associate's degree in nursing. (
  • Hi, I am a current freshman at FSU and I am applying to the College of Nursing after I finish my pre-reqs. (


  • I have completed two years of nursing already. (
  • Sadly I only got a 6 however I talked with the counselor about my chances at getting in and she stated that probably not but considering I took most of the classes required while in nursing-- except for the actual nursing classes-- and have a B.S. already she stated that I still have a pretty good chance at getting in. (


  • Look at it this way, you are going to be even older, so why not get older as a nurse? (
  • Look into training for nursing assistant. (


  • So, I would recommend Nursing to anyone. (
  • if nursing were so easy that anyone could do it there wouldn't be the need for nurses that there is. (
  • I was wondering if anyone else my age or older was also applying to nursing school. (
  • Does anyone have any advice or insight (such as which classes to take or which major to pick while I'm waiting to apply for nursing)? (


  • d) Acts that require nursing judgment. (


  • I still d nursing skills and majority of my job is critical thinking. (


  • The nature of nursing knowledge is no exception to that general complexity. (
  • This is well demonstrated in a concept analysis we published in JAN a couple of years ago ( Bonis 2009 ) in which it was concluded that 'knowing in nursing' is a uniquely personal type of knowledge constructed of objective knowledge interlaced with an individual's subjective perspective on their personal experience. (
  • Nursing knowledge is revealed at the moment of practice , say Bonner and Lloyd, and that is what they set out to investigate. (
  • Bonner and Lloyd conclude that epistemic, social and corporeal knowledge all do play a role in everyday nursing practice. (
  • Understanding how nurses use knowledge at the moment of practice is an emergent line of research in this long-running field of enquiry. (


  • I have just started taking one nursing course and am having troubles with it. I have a CNA job that I don't really like and am really wondering if nursing is for me. I'm reading about assessing and planning and the physical exams and I am not sure I really enjoy what I am reading and am having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. ANyone else felt doubts about going into nursing? I may change my whole focus to animals which are really a passion for me. Thanks
  • It will get easier as you get further into it. Everything's tough to start with. Animals will be much harder to work with. If you are thinking of being a vet you will have to be very highly qualified-much more so than a nurse!


  • my son is 3 weeks old and when he was born i nursed him until he was almost 2 weeks and it seemed like he wasnt getting enough, so i started giving him formula every now and then like his dr told me too. he is now getting used to the bottle and eating more and everytime i nurse him its becoming very painfull. i really want to nurse him, but my nipples are really sore sometimes i feel like crying it hurts that bad, and i know if i dont nurse him my milk will dry up. should i just give him the formula and forget about nursing? this didnt happen with my first child. which they weighed different. what should i do?????
  • I agree with Mystic Eye CDA too. I'd like to add that I've read in several sources that you should NOT use nipple shields, this method will discourage proper latch-on. Also, try taking 2-3 capsules of Fenugreek each day to stimulate your milk production. This was recommended to me by the hospital when I had a similar problem & it worked for me. Lastly, don't hesitate to call your hospital & ask the Lactation Consultant for help.

What should the nursing ratio of nurse to how many patients to be of safe level care?

  • In the nursing profession there is a tendancy to have one nurse for 5 acute surgical patients is this a safe practice?
  • It really depends on how complicated your patients are, what shift you work and how much help you have from nurse extenders (CNAs and LPNs).

What nursing scrub design should nurses wear besides the v-neck nursing scrubs?

  • i was kinda curious why nurses wear those v-neck nursing scrubs. maybe it's time to break the monotony and give in to other styles of nursing scrubs. so, what do you think?
  • They wear them because they are the most widely available and usually cheaper than the others. Also, depending on where they work, uniform styles may be dictated by the hospital's dress code. Where I work, all ER nurses must wear a color called ciel blue. We can wear either dresses or scrub pants and tops. We may wear a white sweater or lab coat and white socks or hosiery and white shoes. Other departments wear other colors. Nurses outside the hospital environment usually have a wider choice of colors/patterns/styles that are acceptable and visiting nurses often wear street clothes.

What percentage usually of the current student population to nursing schools usually recruit each semester?

  • I was asking from a nursing school the number of total students in their nursing department out of the3500 students on their campus, and they only replied back that they accept 68 intakes twice per year for adult nursing and 26 intakes twice per year for mental health nursing. So , in your estimation, how many nursing students do you they have in total at this campus?? Thanks for your answers!
  • Well if you're trying to figure out how hard it is to get in the program that won't help, it also won't tell you how many people apply to the nursing program, it only tells you how many get in. In my school this year there were 360 applicants for nursing and 180 seats, so only half who applied got in. I know that where I'm from there is no recruiting, theres an overflow of potential student nurses who are trying hard to get into the program.

What are the best reusable nursing pads?

  • I'm looking for the best REUSABLE nursing pad. I hate how much garbage accumulates in the bathroom with disposable nursing pads and would like to know everyone's experiences with reusable ones.
  • the best reusable nursing pads are the popolini one side 100%wool & inner side 100% untreated bourette silk.

Can you wear something under nursing scrubs to cover an arm tattoo?

  • I am a college student and will be applying to nursing programs within the following year. I'm planning to get a treble clef tattoo on my triceps going as far as 1-1.5 inches above my elbow. Will I be able to cover my tattoo with any clothing under my scrubs? Also, what is the likelihood that the tattoo will affect my admission to any nursing program or work site? Thanks!
  • I've seen plenty of medical professionals with ink. They are covered usually by a nice undershirt. They have some specifically to wear under scrubs: Skinz top. I wouldn't worry too much about it, just maintain your Professional appearance...

What is the best way to diet while nursing?

  • I'm still nursing my 4 month old son. I still have all this weight from my pregnancy. I want to lose it, but I'm afraid to diet and it effect my son because I'm nursing. Can you diet while nursing?
  • Carry on breastfeeding and that will help. I don't think dieting is a good idea. Eat what you feel you need to in order to nourish your baby. You will have plenty of time to diet after you have finished breastfeeding. Also, if you don't keep up correct food and drink intake you milk may not be of good quality and may dry up altogether, so make the alturistic choice here.