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*  Global Automated And Rapid Microbiological Test... ( NEW YORK Oct. 25 2011 /-...
Microbiological,Tests,Industry,biological,advanced biology technology,biology laboratory ... Development of Near Patient Test Kits: A Market Driven Phenomenon 19 Near Patient Test ... Impact of Food Scares on Rapid Microbiological Tests Market 21 Demand for Microbiological ... Diagnostics Industry: Global Automated And Rapid Microbiological Tests Industry. More ......
*  Comparison of three experimental designs employed in gentamicin microbiological...
Article Comparison of three experimental designs employed in gentamicin microbiological ... Such phenomenon originates all the theory that is the fundament of the diffusion method. ... It consisted of 81 assays (in 3 replicas) of gentamicin microbiological dosage. The ... All the designs of the microbiological method presented adequate specificity in the ......
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... each one exhibiting advanced nonlinear dynamic phenomena, can have interaction with each ... and homoclinic transitions to part synchronization in microbiological reactors. This ......
*  Small Things Considered: Standing on the Shoulders of a Tiny Giant
She enjoys basking in her luck to work with the tastiest of mi-crobiological subjects, ... We will emphasize the unusual and the unexpected phenomena for which we have a special ......
*  Clara Maïda
What is at work is the impact that microscopic phenomena and behaviours can have on ... on the microbiological, microphysical or microchemical level), the sound field being ... have been added to psychoanalysis because they also explore these phenomena which present ......
*  Death: Metaphysical and Epistemological | Nathan Emmerich
Certainly both pick-out a biological phenomena. However it is worth considering if, and ... and microbiological - then it is clear that brain stem death can only be the ......
*  Gurney Journey: Return Flight
... sharing to take place via the internet as it does not transmit scent nor microbiological ... Effects/Phenomena (30) * Elementary Schools (10) * Figure Drawing (59) * GJ Book Club (1) ......
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*  Treating Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Tomsk, Russia - Keshavjee - 2008 -...
Perhaps nowhere is this phenomenon more evident than in Russia and the countries of the ... Tuberculosis in Siberia: 1. An epidemiological and microbiological assessment. Tuber. ......
*  Apitherapy News: November 2011
Such anti-pathogenic agents could target a phenomena known as quorum sensing (QS).. ... Botanical, Nutritional and Microbiological Characterisation of Honeybee-Collected Pollen ... nutritional value and microbiological security of bee pollen. Moisture content, ash, a(w ......
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(1/17) Investigating the microbial community in the termite hindgut--interview.


(2/17) Layers of symbiosis--visualizing the termite hindgut microbial community.


(3/17) Chemotactic response of marine micro-organisms to micro-scale nutrient layers.


(4/17) Population dynamics constrain the cooperative evolution of cross-feeding.


(5/17) Use of genome-scale metabolic models for understanding microbial physiology.


(6/17) Microbial secretor-cheater dynamics.


(7/17) Microbial community transcriptomes reveal microbes and metabolic pathways associated with dissolved organic matter turnover in the sea.


(8/17) Homing endonucleases: from microbial genetic invaders to reagents for targeted DNA modification.


What is the phenomena called when you still hear a bell sound after it stops ringing?

I hope someone knows this because I have found nothing on the internet for it. 

What is the phenomena called when you think you can still hear a bell sound, even though it has stopped ringing, due to over exposure to the sound in the first place? 
FYI: This doesn't just apply to bells but it is probably the best example I have, as I think many people have had the awful experience of sitting through a faulty fire/burglar alarm at some point in life. 

Thanks in advance. 

? echo
? schizophrenia
? minier's disease

what is the difference between eye floaters and entoptic phenomena ?

Will anybody please tell me the difference between entoptic phenomena and eye floaters.

If possible please paste the links of the images that shows the difference.

Till now i am thinking that i have floaters. But while browsing, i found that my problem resembles entoptic phenomena.

Is there any cure for entoptic phenomena ? 

Please help me by replying.
thanks in advance.

Entoptic phenomena usually refers to one being able to visualise white blood cells in the retinal blood vessels. The entoptic phenomenon is distinguished by the appearance of multiple, identical-looking bright dots that follow each other rapidly along the same path.

Eye floaters are bits of cellular debris that float around in the fluid of the eye. Floaters are variable in size and shape.

Check out these two links:

What is book that explains on a molecular neurological µbiological level how antipsychotic drugs work?

Title of a book that explains in detail (on a molecular and neuroligical) level how psychiatric drugs have the affect that they do on the brain tissue and what the long lasting effects could be ?

Maybe a neuropsychiatry textbook.

they said that my daughter has a microbiological disorder?

my daughter has had two seizures  this year shes 2. We did eeg, mri the eeg normal, mri said she had  a big head and that there was water behind the cerabella (behind the head) which is not the reason she's having seizures. They also said that she mighyt have a microbiological disorder but they need to double check and make some blood work which is this week. What is this microbiological disorder?

First, calm and relax yourself and anyone involved with your daughter to make her feel calmer. I do NOT mean doing YOGA! I know that big sounding name sounds so scary. "Micro" means very tiny.
"Bio" means life. It can also be called "microbial disease." It is a bacteria and not a virus. 

For instance, if you have a cold, it's a virus, and antibiotics won't do anything for it. If you have a form of bacteria, it requires an antibiotic as it's an infection that needs to be brought under control and healed. This bacteria can be found in different parts of the body, such as Crohn's disease or the heart or other places in other ogans. It's been known to be a cause of meningitis. It can be caused by food born illness which is so common today and in young children who don't wash their hands when they should. We can say the same thing about adults. When cooking at home, we can be so busy we forget about food contamination. Everyone of us has done it including using a cutting board for everything for that meal. We may leave an item or so sitting on the counter or table too long not refrigerating it immediately. Many restaurants employees do NOT wash their hands enough or properly which the Department of Health & Environmental Control send out people daily to check restaurants unannounced to keep people healthy and happy. Before you go to eat at a place make sure they have an "A" sticker on or near their door. 

Let the specialists in the neurological department handle this. Double checking their tests and results is a smart move by them. They also don't want a lawsuit. I'm surprised they didn't hospitalize her and maybe isolate her (not that scary as I had that when I became a teenager many years ago after an operation from the operating room not being sterilized enough). 

It's not uncommon for little children to have seizures if they have a high temperature from illnesses.
You show calmness and get her to the ER when that happens in a CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL! 

Just don't hesitate to get her hospitalized by making a fuss if you have to. She should be under constant care until doctors find out what is causing the seizures and what is causing this second problem of "microbial disease." 

Had she had any sore throats lately or a sore neck? Had she fevers from being or feeling sick? Did she have strept throat, and you didn't know it? Has she been in day care or around someone sick or a place where sick people are? Has she had any headaches?

I still think it's both related with seizures and water behind her cerabela, but I am not examining her nor seen the tests or her in person. I wonder if she has encephalitis of the brain. I'm hoping not. There is help and a cure.

To better understand all this on layman's terms, go to     Web Md    to get a better understanding of what's going on and "microbial disease".

Please try to stay calm and relax. I know it's difficult as she's your baby. She needs that now. Hold and hug her alot if she'll let you. AND do NOT hesitate to take her to a CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL and NOT one in a hospital floor unit. I don't know what part of the country you are from. I hope you have one of these hospitals for her and an admittance. 

Praying for God to give her doctors revelation and cure for ALL her illness!

Can phenomena be cured without medicine?

My dad has phenomena :(. I wanna know if human antibodies can cure it or if you HAVE to go to the hospital to have it cured?

Are microbiological test required for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients?

Microbiological tests are performed to check potential pathogens in foods and drugs. Is it required for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients?

Yes they are required.

What does the phenomena of renal stone formation in AIDS called?

Please answer me, i have examination and i didn't find this in any book.

I don't think there is a distinct name for that other than kidney stone formation.

Many people who have been on HAART therapy (particularly indinavir) seems to form drug crystals that result in kidney stones.

If you or someone you know is going through this problem, seek advice from your physician to alleviate the pain or other alternatives.

What can you do when yu have phenomena?

My dad has phenomena and we can't go to the doctor so any ideas of what we should do or eat?

Phenomena or Phenomenon?
Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition in which cold temperatures or strong emotions cause blood vessel spasms that block blood flow to the fingers, toes, ears, and nose.He will likely receive medications to relax the walls of the blood vessels, depending on the affected body part.
If he smokes, he should stop now, and start doing a little exercise to  help his circulation.