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No data available that match "Mathematical Concepts"

(1/282) The impact of low serum triglyceride on LDL-cholesterol estimation.


(2/282) The evolution of strand preference in simulated RNA replicators with strand displacement: implications for the origin of transcription.


(3/282) All numbers are not equal: an electrophysiological investigation of small and large number representations.


(4/282) Multiscale modelling and nonlinear simulation of vascular tumour growth.


(5/282) Nonlinear simulations of solid tumor growth using a mixture model: invasion and branching.


(6/282) A mathematical model for brain tumor response to radiation therapy.


(7/282) Geometry and topology of parameter space: investigating measures of robustness in regulatory networks.


(8/282) The neural development of an abstract concept of number.



  • Revisit mathematical concepts throughout the course. (
  • I have used the exercise during the first 1/3 of the course (after introducing water budgets, aquifer properties, hydraulic head, and Darcy's Law), but I actually prefer doing the exercise later in the course to revisit and reinforce fundamental concepts learned earlier in the term. (


  • Jenny Murray describes the mathematical processes behind making patchwork in this article for students. (
  • Dyscalculia is a learning disorder in which individuals have an inherent difficulty comprehending mathematical processes. (


  • To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice. (


  • All the problems give learners opportunities to learn, develop or use mathematical concepts and skills. (
  • The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. (


  • This disorder can apply to simple concepts, such as the inability to understand fractions and difficulty remembering form multiplication tables. (


  • yet, many introductory textbooks gloss over the quantitative aspects and expect students to quickly grasp some relatively complex mathematical themes even when they are treated qualitatively (e.g., reading cumulative percent graphs, understanding exponential decay, etc). (
  • This hands-on experience is needed to grasp such deep and diverse concepts in so short a time. (


  • The Maths Team was keen to raise the profile of mathematics investigations and further promote mathematical thinking and problem solving in primary classes. (
  • For example, if the teacher knows that all the students are by that point capable of understanding and performing a given task and the person being tested is not, the teacher should give a series of tests to try and determine whether the failure to perform is limited to one specific concept or due to a broader inability to understand a core function of mathematics. (


  • In this article for teachers, Liz Woodham describes the criteria she uses to choose mathematical games for the classroom and shares some examples from NRICH. (


  • This month we look at how alternative representations and models help us to develop understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts. (
  • This article looks at how images, concrete apparatus and representations can help students develop deeper understandings of abstract mathematical ideas. (


  • 2) Organic forms are much harder to draw than graphic mathematical simple shapes. (


  • This Teaching Resource provides lecture notes, slides, and a problem set for a series of lectures introducing the mathematical concepts behind gene-set enrichment analysis (GSEA) and were part of a course entitled "Systems Biology: Biomedical Modeling. (
  • Our aim is to condense the essential concepts into a one semester course using electrical engineering related examples. (


  • Students complete a self-paced set of web pages and quizzes designed to bring them up to speed on a number of mathematical concepts that are introduced in most introductory geoscience courses. (
  • There is good evidence that both retention and learning are increased when students feel they have support for difficult mathematical concepts (e.g. (
  • Students felt that they had the support and did not feel lost because they knew that mathematical thinking was expected of them. (
  • Accumulating research on problem solving in physics clearly indicates that traditional, end-of-chapt er exercises in physics texts are not useful and may actually hinder students' learning of important physics concepts. (
  • All students understand and describe concepts, relationships, and real situations and interpret meanings to others, using mathematical communication skills. (
  • All students explain basic economic concepts and the development and operation of economic systems in the United States and other nations, and make informed decisions about economic issues. (
  • Students must be familiar with the concept of hydraulic head and contouring techniques. (


  • The only background we assume is matrix algebra including familiarity with MATLAB (or an equivalent mathematical software package). (


  • This article, the first in a series, discusses mathematical-logical intelligence as described by Howard Gardner. (


  • It can be useful to use different ways of looking at mathematical ideas. (


  • This article for teachers looks at different categories of questions that can promote mathematical. (


  • The examples and quizzes are designed so that instructors can choose questions that address the context in which they wish to introduce the mathematical concept. (


  • The concept of parametric polymorphism applies to both data types and functions. (


  • Today, these new concepts have become so useful and empowering that our math curriculum is out of date by a century. (


  • The opposites of these concepts are unsatisfiability and invalidity, that is, a formula is unsatisfiable if none of the interpretations make the formula true, and invalid if some such interpretation makes the formula false. (

What mathematical applications can be included in a paper on Chemotherapy?

  • I am writing my thesis paper (high school level) on chemotherapy and I am required to include at least 2 mathematical applications. What can I include, it can be any thing mathematical, as long as it is related to cancer or chemotherapy in particular? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. (If you have any links that explain the mathematical application, please include them)
  • The dose is dependent on the weight of the patient. The survival rates with or without chemotherapy could also be discussed.

what mathematical skills do you need to become a successful dentist?

  • What type of mathematical skills do you need to become a dentist? If you know any can you please list them. thanks :)
  • When I attended dental school one of the requirements for admission was calculus one and two. But once in dental school we had no need for calculus

How do you unclutter your mind so you can grasp concepts quicker?

  • Lately I have been having trouble grasping concepts. I can read an essay or read my notes and no matter how many times I read them, I don't get the full idea. My mind is constantly cluttered. I do yoga to calm myself down. It helps bring peace but my mind is still cluttered. It feels like my brain is just "clenched". I don't know how to explain it. If anyone else feels this way, what do you do to free your mind of thoughts and ideas and unclutter it?
  • I had a similar problem a few years ago. Went to see my primary care doctor, and he suggested that I see a Psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with ADD. The doctor put me on some medication that really helped me.

How to help a 2 year old grasp time concepts?

  • I always catch myself saying things like Next Week, Next Month, In October, A-5-Hour-Drive, etc. etc. I'm sure my 23 month old daughter doesn't grasp these yet. I'm not even 100% sure that she understands Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow. What can I do to help explain these things? I'm planning on introducing the Calendar soon... do you think it's too early for her to grasp days/weeks/months? How old was your child when they started to grasp time related concepts?
  • I think at that age you have to put time into terms they can understand. When my almost 4 year old asks when something is going to happen I tell him "in X night time sleeps". Right now his big thing is when is he going to be 4 ( november) so I told him school starts, we go to the fair, we go trick or treating...THEN it will be his birthday. That way he has things he will recognize that he can mark off in his mind.

Is there a mathematical way to convert fat to calories?

  • I'm going on a diet, & to closely monitor my calorie intake, I'm reading the nutrition facts pannel of everything I eat. Problem is, in Poland (I'm on vacation), they don't have a very descriptive nutrition pannel. It shows how much sugar & fat there is in the food, but not how much calories. I'm good at math & if I can somehow convert fat to calories I can lose alot of weight. Help?
  • To lose 1 lb of fat you have to use up 3500 calories.

What is the mathematical equation for love? Is it pi divided by the radical fraction of pi^2?

  • Hahahha. I had a hard time finding the little ^ mark. I don't think that "equation" make sense... Well, a real question is. What books are on your desk or near your computer/laptop? I have, a dictionary. a thesaurus... and... 100 words to make you sound smart. hahhahaha I love books. Ink and paper. I love ink and paper. and thought.
  • A bunch of school books that I'm selling online. XD And love= trust^3+ (compassion/ 2)+ pi*connection

Where can I take my 10 year old daughter to learn key concepts about weather in a hands-on-approach?

  • My daughter is learning about weather at school and everything associated with it. She seems to be struggling with the concepts and I feel like if she was exposed to it in a hands- on approach, she may understand it a little better. I would love to take her to a filed trip in San Jose (or any other place nearby, no more than 45 miles away) so she can learn all about weather. I would greatly welcome any suggestions.
  • Is there a children's museum in the area? They usually have hands-on learning exhibits geared for kids and they make it interesting. What aspects is she having trouble with?

what's the difference between cosmetology concepts 1 and salon 1?

  • I'm starting dual enrollment at my local community college while I'm in high school and i saw these two under Cosmetology and was confused on what the difference might be? anything will help. thanks! :] also, would it be a good idea to take both classes at the same time? like cos concepts at 4pm-6pm and salon from 6:30pm-8:30pm?
  • I'm surprised it doesn't explain them in the course description. Cosmo concepts is your "book work". Meaning this is the classroom that explains cosmetology theory. Salon 1 is when you are doing your practical work...working on clients.