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... sleep metabolism and health center toggle navigation search for home people research about search for home people research about sleep metabolism and health center quick links welcome for decades the university of chicago has been nationally and internationally recognized as a leading institution for sleep research investigators here have been responsible for the discovery of rem sleep kleitman and aserinsky the definition of sleep stages used in clinical practice worldwide rechtschaffen and kales and the demonstration that total sleep deprivation has deadly consequences everson bergman and rechstaffen our current team has identified sleep disturbances as contributing factors to the epidemics of obesity and diabetes scientific advances have also taught us that sleep plays an important role in mood and cognitive function including learning and memory together this work has firmly established sleep as one of the pilla...
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... cylinder recyclers responsibly recycling compressed gas cylinders of every size shape and substance the cylinder recycling specialists main menu home our services about us news contact us from acetylene cylinders to fire extinguishers cylinder recyclers makes safe environmentally responsible cylinder disposal convenient and cost effective we help clients across the nation reduce risk avoid liability and maintain sound environmental practices by responsibly recycling compressed gas cylinders of every size shape and substance and we re the only resource in the nation for recycling spent acetylene cylinders our clients include the fact is sending used cylinders to a landfill doesn t make sense any more taking a more sustainable approach to cylinder management can help you reduce your business environmental footprint reduce liability risks and make you a more attractive partner to customers best of all we make it easy complete cylinder management transp...
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... IDB. Board's Area The. Board's Drainage System The. Our infrastructure can be viewed and downloaded from the. Board's Area webpage. Not all of the defences within our Drainage District are controlled by the Board the Environment Agency look after the Main Rivers and Coastal Defences. However, the efficiency of our systems and therefore the safety, security and well being of those living and working within our Drainage District is WHOLLY DEPENDENT upon the ENVIRONMENT AGENCY maintaining the Main Rivers and Coastal Defences, or permitting others to do so. Vision, Mission and Values Our. Vision is to make the Drainage District and watershed catchment area a safer place to live, work, learn, grow and have fun, as a model of sustainable living in a high flood risk area. Vision, Mission and Values webpage. Organisation webpage. Governance webpage. viewed and downloaded from our website. Operations Necessary capital improvement works and regular maintenance of the drainage infrastructure are vitally important se...
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... 2013: The year of possibilities College of Dentistry University of Florida. Want to become a patient. Patient Care Locations. Faculty Practice Clinics. Patient Information. Questions Answers. Oral Health Tips for All Life Stages. Find a Dentist. Pay Your Dental Bill Online. Admissions Admissions. Education D.M.D. Student Multicultural Affairs. Curriculum Overview. Student Dental Simulation Laboratory. Forms Publications. Advanced Graduate Education Programs. Curriculum. Faculty Evaluations Course Evaluations. Policies Requirements. School of Advanced Dental Sciences. Programs. Advanced Graduate Education. Faculty Staff. Contact Information. Continuing Dental Education. Advanced Education CE. Dean s Message. Course Calendar. Contact Information. Community Based Programs. Resources. Dental Assisting Instructional Videos. Office of Financial Aid. Academic Calendar. Health Counseling Services. Helpful Links. Newsletters. Funding Opportunities. UFCD Funding Opportunities. Federal Funding Opportunities. Other F...
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... Raw Tamanu oil, extracted from the fruit of the Calophyllum inophyllum tree, is renowned for its remarkable skin healing properties. Raw Tamanu oil, extracted from the fruit of the Calophyllum inophyllum tree, is renowned for its remarkable skin healing properties. Some possible benefits of our Raw Tamanu oil may include: ● Fading stretch marks ● Reducing arthritis pain ● Reducing body odor ● Relieving insect bites & itching ● Reducing swelling & inflammation ● Soothing & aiding wound healing of severe cuts, burns, blisters, & sunburns ● Keeping your skin feeling & looking young ● Fading age spots ● Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties ● Relieving acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, rashes, dry skin & abrasions ● Fading scars ● Helping with rheumatism & neuralgia, or facial nerve pain ● Combating leprosy ● Promoting new tissue formation ● Accelerating healing & healthy skin growth ● Combating skin irritations, rashes, bedsores, shingles, & skin ulcers ● Possesses potent anti-wrinkle pr...
*  Saybrook University | Saybrook Forum
... Saybrook University. Saybrook University alumnus and faculty member Kirk Schneider s place as a leading voice in existential psychology has been affirmed repeatedly by American academic organizations including the American Psychological Association. Continue Reading. Posted at 08:51 AM Feature Articles. Despite its small size, Saybrook University made an outsize impression though faculty, student and alumni research at the American Psychological Association conference. Saybrook faculty, alumni, and students presented on such wide-ranging topics as the practice of existential psychology there, the future of positive psychology, the basics of hypnosis and self-hypnosis and how the creative process can promote healing and growth. Continue Reading. Continue Reading. Posted at 10:37 AM Feature Articles. Saybrook University Faculty Take Leading Roles in APA 07/02/2012. The American Psychological Association APA has elected Saybrook University faculty member Dr. Continue Reading. Posted at 10:29 AM University Ne...
*  Dharma Seed - Shaila Catherine's Dharma Talks
... Shaila Catherine's Dharma Talks Shaila Catherine. -- Select from Shaila Catherine's 65 talks -- VIEW ALL 2009-06-02 Appreciative Joy 2013-02-09 Awakening 2007-10-04 Big Mind Guided Meditation 2014-09-23 Body: A Matter of Life 2013-03-05 Boredom 2014-09-16 Breath: An Intimate Focus for Attention 2015-07-09 Buddhism in Brief 2012-01-24 Buddhist Perspectives on Right View 2009-05-26 Compassion 2013-09-29 Contentment with Voidness 2012-01-31 Cultivating Liberating Understanding 2012-02-21 Danger of Fixation 2011-04-23 Decision Making 2011-12-10 Deep Happiness by Venerable U Jagara and Shaila Catherine - Guided Meditation 3 2011-12-10 Deep Happiness by Venerable U Jagara and Shaila Catherine -First Guided Medit... 2013-08-06 Five Preconditions for Insight: Friendship the first precondition 2013-08-13 Five Preconditions for Insight: Virtue and Restraint the second precondition 2013-09-10 Five Preconditions for Insight: Wisdom the fifth precondition 2013-09-03 Five Preconditions for Insight: Wise Effort the four...
*  Clinical Pediatric Urology - A. Barry Belman, Lowell R. King, Stephen A. Kramer - Google Books
... clinical pediatric urology a barry belman lowell r king stephen a kramer google books search images maps play youtube news gmail drive more sign in advanced book search books books google ca the fourth edition of this internationally acclaimed seminal textbook on the subject of clinical pediatric urology is completely updated world renowned experts in the field present state of the art developments in all areas of clinical pediatric urology from diagnosis to treatment and from theory https books google ca books about clinical pediatric urology html id ikexq xcrmic utm source gb gplus share clinical pediatric urology my library help advanced book search get print book no ebook available crc press amazon ca chapters indigo ca all sellers review write review https books google ca books about clinical pediatric urology html id ikexq xcrmic clinical pediatric urology by a barry belman lowell r king stephen a kramer about this book get textbooks on google play rent and save from the world s largest ebookstore r...
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No data available that match "Internationality"

(1/1337) Selecting subjects for participation in clinical research: one sphere of justice.

Recent guidelines from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) mandate the inclusion of adequate numbers of women in clinical trials. Ought such standards to apply internationally? Walzer's theory of justice is brought to bear on the problem, the first use of the theory in research ethics, and it argues for broad application of the principle of adequate representation. A number of practical conclusions for research ethics committees (RECs) are outlined. Eligibility criteria in clinical trials ought to be justified by trial designers. Research ethics committees ought to question criteria that seem to exclude unnecessarily women from research participation. The issue of adequate representation should be construed broadly, so as to include consideration of the representation of the elderly, persons with HIV, mental illness and substance abuse disorders in clinical research.  (+info)

(2/1337) International developments in abortion law from 1988 to 1998.

OBJECTIVES: In 2 successive decades since 1967, legal accommodation of abortion has grown in many countries. The objective of this study was to assess whether liberalizing trends have been maintained in the last decade and whether increased protection of women's human rights has influenced legal reform. METHODS: A worldwide review was conducted of legislation and judicial rulings affecting abortion, and legal reforms were measured against governmental commitments made under international human rights treaties and at United Nations conferences. RESULTS: Since 1987, 26 jurisdictions have extended grounds for lawful abortion, and 4 countries have restricted grounds. Additional limits on access to legal abortion services include restrictions on funding of services, mandatory counseling and reflection delay requirements, third-party authorizations, and blockades of abortion clinics. CONCLUSIONS: Progressive liberalization has moved abortion laws from a focus on punishment toward concern with women's health and welfare and with their human rights. However, widespread maternal mortality and morbidity show that reform must be accompanied by accessible abortion services and improved contraceptive care and information.  (+info)

(3/1337) Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and the 'new' eugenics.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PID) is often seen as an improvement upon prenatal testing. I argue that PID may exacerbate the eugenic features of prenatal testing and make possible an expanded form of free-market eugenics. The current practice of prenatal testing is eugenic in that its aim is to reduce the numbers of people with genetic disorders. Due to social pressures and eugenic attitudes held by clinical geneticists in most countries, it results in eugenic outcomes even though no state coercion is involved. I argue that technological advances may soon make PID widely accessible. Because abortion is not involved, and multiple embryos are available, PID is radically more effective as a tool of genetic selection. It will also make possible selection on the basis of non-pathological characteristics, leading, potentially, to a full-blown free-market eugenics. For these reasons, I argue that PID should be strictly regulated.  (+info)

(4/1337) Can we learn from eugenics?

Eugenics casts a long shadow over contemporary genetics. Any measure, whether in clinical genetics or biotechnology, which is suspected of eugenic intent is likely to be opposed on that ground. Yet there is little consensus on what this word signifies, and often only a remote connection to the very complex set of social movements which took that name. After a brief historical summary of eugenics, this essay attempts to locate any wrongs inherent in eugenic doctrines. Four candidates are examined and rejected. The moral challenge posed by eugenics for genetics in our own time, I argue, is to achieve social justice.  (+info)

(5/1337) Genetic screening with the DNA chip: a new Pandora's box?

The ethically controversial option of genetic population screening used to be restricted to a small number of rather rare diseases by methodological limitations which are now about to be overcome. With the new technology of DNA microarrays ("DNA chip"), emerging from the synthesis of microelectronics and molecular biology, methods are now at hand for the development of mass screening programmes for a wide spectrum of genetic traits. Thus, the DNA chip may be the key technology for a refined preventive medicine as well as a new dimension of eugenics. The forthcoming introduction of the DNA chip technology into medical practice urgently requires an internationally consistent framework of ethical standards and legal limitations if we do not want it to become a new Pandora's box.  (+info)

(6/1337) Indigenous peoples and the morality of the Human Genome Diversity Project.

In addition to the aim of mapping and sequencing one human's genome, the Human Genome Project also intends to characterise the genetic diversity of the world's peoples. The Human Genome Diversity Project raises political, economic and ethical issues. These intersect clearly when the genomes under study are those of indigenous peoples who are already subject to serious economic, legal and/or social disadvantage and discrimination. The fact that some individuals associated with the project have made dismissive comments about indigenous peoples has confused rather than illuminated the deeper issues involved, as well as causing much antagonism among indigenous peoples. There are more serious ethical issues raised by the project for all geneticists, including those who are sympathetic to the problems of indigenous peoples. With particular attention to the history and attitudes of Australian indigenous peoples, we argue that the Human Genome Diversity Project can only proceed if those who further its objectives simultaneously: respect the cultural beliefs of indigenous peoples; publicly support the efforts of indigenous peoples to achieve respect and equality; express respect by a rigorous understanding of the meaning of equitable negotiation of consent, and ensure that both immediate and long term economic benefits from the research flow back to the groups taking part.  (+info)

(7/1337) Most deaths related to abortion occur in the developing world.


(8/1337) Performance of research ethics committees in Spain. A prospective study of 100 applications for clinical trial protocols on medicines.

OBJECTIVES: To review the characteristics and performance of research ethics committees in Spain in the evaluation of multicentre clinical trial drug protocols. DESIGN: A prospective study of 100 applications. SETTING: Forty-one committees reviewing clinical trial protocols, involving 50 hospitals in 25 cities. MAIN MEASURES: Protocol-related features, characteristics of research ethics committees and evaluation dynamics. RESULTS: The 100 applications involved 15 protocols (of which 12 were multinational) with 12 drugs. Committees met monthly (except one). They had a mean number of 12 members, requested a mean of six complete dossiers and nine additional copies of the protocol with a mean deadline of 14 days before the meeting. All applications were approved except three (two of the three were open-label long-term safety trials rejected by the same committee), which were approved by the other committees involved. The mean time from submission to approval was 64 days. The mean time from submission to arrival of the approval document at our offices was 85 days. Twenty-five committees raised queries for 38 of the 97 finally approved applications. Impact of evaluation fee, number of members, queries raised and experience of committees on timings were not statistically significant. CONCLUSION: Obtaining ethical approval is time-consuming. There is much diversity in the research ethics committees' performance. A remarkable delay (> 20 days) exists between the decision and the arrival of the written approval, suggesting administrative or organisational problems.  (+info)

What do i look like {pics}........?

What do i look like to u i mean my internationality'']?

i know i look american but wat else?

examples;; asia brazilian argentina peru england italin/........

oh i know i just ask a question using a few of these pics sorry i just using my friends computer so i dont have alot of pics dorry my bad but please answer nice pleaase and thank you so much<3¤t=Mexico076-2.jpg¤t=Mexico074-1.jpg¤t=seventeen004-1-1-1-1.jpg¤t=photoshopp014-1-1.jpg¤t=photoshopp010-1.jpg

thank you<3
I************************************ well im really latin american hahaah but my family says i look like a hydbrid but my dads from surf city hungtion ca.
and my moms from argentina so i guess i am(: my dads blonde blue eyes my mom is black hair and green eyes

First of all, you're really pretty and I love your hair in the first picture. I don't know, to me you definitely look like a hybrid...maybe a little Hispanic? It's hard to tell.