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So, he didn't really tweet at me, and he hardly counts as a famous person to most people but........ Jeph Jacques of ... So, he didn't really tweet at me, and he hardly counts as a famous person to most people but........ Jeph Jacques of ... So, he didn't really tweet at me, and he hardly counts as a famous person to most people but........ Jeph Jacques of ... I don't mind tweeting famous people. I don't think they'll actually read my tweets, so it's all cool. This way maybe if I ever ...
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(1/196) Abandonment of terminally ill patients in the Byzantine era. An ancient tradition?

Our research on the texts of the Byzantine historians and chroniclers revealed an apparently curious phenomenon, namely, the abandonment of terminally ill emperors by their physicians when the latter realised that they could not offer any further treatment. This attitude tallies with the mentality of the ancient Greek physicians, who even in Hippocratic times thought the treatment and care of the terminally ill to be a challenge to nature and hubris to the gods. Nevertheless, it is a very curious attitude in the light of the concepts of the Christian Byzantine physicians who, according to the doctrines of the Christian religion, should have been imbued with the spirit of philanthropy and love for their fellowmen. The meticulous analysis of three examples of abandonment of Byzantine emperors, and especially that of Alexius I Comnenus, by their physicians reveals that this custom, following ancient pagan ethics, in those times took on a ritualised form without any significant or real content.  (+info)

(2/196) Alexander Pope (1688-1744): his spinal deformity and his doctors.

Alexander Pope was the towering figure of 18th century England. A poet and a wit he commanded unswerving loyalty from his friends and penetrating hatred from his enemies. His spinal deformity, either due to tuberculosis, trauma or congenital weakness, shaped his career. This brief report highlights the illness and the medical men who were involved in treating Alexander Pope.  (+info)

(3/196) Michelangelo: art, anatomy, and the kidney.

Michelangelo (1475-1564) had a life-long interest in anatomy that began with his participation in public dissections in his early teens, when he joined the court of Lorenzo de' Medici and was exposed to its physician-philosopher members. By the age of 18, he began to perform his own dissections. His early anatomic interests were revived later in life when he aspired to publish a book on anatomy for artists and to collaborate in the illustration of a medical anatomy text that was being prepared by the Paduan anatomist Realdo Colombo (1516-1559). His relationship with Colombo likely began when Colombo diagnosed and treated him for nephrolithiasis in 1549. He seems to have developed gouty arthritis in 1555, making the possibility of uric acid stones a distinct probability. Recurrent urinary stones until the end of his life are well documented in his correspondence, and available documents imply that he may have suffered from nephrolithiasis earlier in life. His terminal illness with symptoms of fluid overload suggests that he may have sustained obstructive nephropathy. That this may account for his interest in kidney function is evident in his poetry and drawings. Most impressive in this regard is the mantle of the Creator in his painting of the Separation of Land and Water in the Sistine Ceiling, which is in the shape of a bisected right kidney. His use of the renal outline in a scene representing the separation of solids (Land) from liquid (Water) suggests that Michelangelo was likely familiar with the anatomy and function of the kidney as it was understood at the time.  (+info)

(4/196) The eye injury of King Philip II and the skeletal evidence from the royal tomb II at Vergina.

The Royal Tomb II was discovered in Vergina, Greece, in 1977. It contained a male skeleton and a rich array of grave goods. Evidence of trauma supposedly in the orbital bones of the skull has been thought to correspond to an eye injury that King Philip II is historically known to have suffered. However, reexamination of the orbital morphology showed no evidence of such pathology. Therefore, the skeleton does not belong to Philip II. New skeletal evidence shows that the skeleton belongs to King Philip III Arrhidaeus. In this case, the tomb may well contain some of the paraphernalia of Alexander the Great.  (+info)

(5/196) Marcel Proust (1871-1922): reassessment of his asthma and other maladies.

Marcel Proust endured severe allergies and bronchial asthma from early childhood. Those who suffer from the frightening and recurrent pangs of asthma often become dependent on their parents particularly mother; Proust was no exception. In his time asthma was poorly understood by physicians who considered the illness to be a type of hysteria. Decades later, we now understand that the severe, poorly controlled, suffocating episodes of asthma were responsible for the complex persona that Marcel Proust had assumed.  (+info)

(6/196) Effect of death of Diana, princess of Wales on suicide and deliberate self-harm.

BACKGROUND: The death of the Princess of Wales in 1997 was followed by widespread public mourning. Such major events may influence suicidal behaviour. AIMS: To assess the impact of the Princess's death on suicide and deliberate self-harm (DSH). METHOD: Analysis, using Poisson regression, of the number of suicides and open verdicts ('suicides') in England and Wales following the Princess's death compared to the 3 months beforehand, and the equivalent periods in 1992-1996. Similar analysis on DSH presentations to a general hospital. RESULTS: Suicides increased during the month following the Princess's funeral (+17.4%). This was particularly marked in females (+33.7%), especially those aged 25-44 years (+45.1%). Suicides did not fall in the week between the death and the funeral. Presentations for DSH increased significantly during the week following the death (+44.3%), especially in females (+65.1%). Examination of case notes suggested that the influence of the death was largely through amplification of personal losses or exacerbation of existing distress. CONCLUSIONS: The death of a major public figure can influence rates of suicidal behaviour. For DSH, the impact may be immediate, but for suicide it may be delayed.  (+info)

(7/196) Machado de Assis's own writings about his epilepsy: a brief clinical note.

Machado de Assis's own writings about his epilepsy are here given. They come from his correspondence with his friend Mario de Alencar during the last 8 months of Machado de Assis's life. These are the only places where Machado de Assis dealt clearly with his epilepsy during his entire life.  (+info)

(8/196) Deafness and liver disease in a 57-year-old man: a medical history of Beethoven.

Ludwig van Beethoven had a number of medical conditions, including deafness and chronic liver disease, for which there are contemporary descriptions. An autopsy was performed on the day after his death. Physicians and historians have tried to reinterpret original sources to determine the causes of his deafness and systemic illnesses. We have reviewed the differential diagnoses that have been proposed by otologists and physicians. Clinical and post-mortem findings point to renal papillary necrosis and liver cirrhosis of unknown aetiology. In the absence of further histological examination, there is no definitive answer to the cause of his deafness and gastro-intestinal symptoms.  (+info)


  • Who among the famous people in the world love them some Rolex watch? (
  • From the world of politics, let's check out Rolex-wearing famous people from the world of sports and who better to represent than tennis great Roger Federer . (
  • It's hard to think of a more famous name in the world than that of David Beckham. (
  • But for millions of girls around the world, the only people who stand out from the city that really means is Justin Drew Bieber. (
  • Relying on the mastery of the martial arts are nice and charisma in front of the camera, the late Bruce Lee not only create a booming film "Kung Fu" in the early 70's, he also made people around the world to assess the Chinese movie with more respect, arguably has shocked the whole world. (


  • We came up with a list of Ten Rolex Watch Lovers who are famous in their specific field and in the eyes of the general public. (
  • We begin our list of Famous People Wearing Rolex Watches with a revolutionary icon: Che Guevara. (
  • Fifth in our list of Famous People Wearing Rolex Watches is football icon Pele who is wearing a Rolex Day Date watch in this pic with David Beckham. (
  • Motivational Quotes Inspirational Quotes Famous Quotes Quotations Weblog will list famous motivational quotes and famous inspirational quotes and famous sayings on a variety of topics. (
  • Take a look at our list of famous Georges throughout history. (


  • Please solve this simple math problem to prove that you are a real person. (
  • When Bruce Lee was a very young and have mastered the science of the real, like to challenge other people, too often make trouble, that's why his parents sent him to the university of Washington, Seattle - USA. (


  • A number of famous people, past and present, come from our area. (


  • I don't think much of Shovell from the M People though. (


  • Famous quotes about meditation, contemplation and various states of consciousness. (
  • Sources for famous quotes from the Famous Quotes weblog. (


  • I don't mind tweeting famous people. (


  • It could be an achievement, position in life of one person and simply how he live that he want others to see him with his delightful expression. (


  • Famous women are into Rolex too. (


  • Of course, famous men aren't the only ones who love them their Rolex watches. (


  • Nicky Spence was brought up in Keir Mill and is an internationally famous Scottish tenor often performing abroad in opera, oratorio and concerts. (
  • Bruce Lee's father, Li Hai Quan is a famous Cantonese opera players, therefore Bruce Lee during the boy had often go play the opera, to be able to audition this time with a very smoothly. (


  • And if you really pay attention, most people are pretty interesting in some way. (


  • Read on for the answer , another perspective on this famous person, and a chance to read the phrase "sizzling loins" on a page with the NY Times header. (


  • But once they click the "upload" the first video-on January 19, 2007, they started a chain of events that will soon make Justin became one of the most famous person on the planet. (


  • So, really, I should pay more attention to people in general. (


  • Those who have studied Canadian history will recall that, as Justin, other famous people have lived in Stratford, including Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb. (


  • Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., & A Sh*t-Ton Of Famous People Urge You To Vote To Save Us From 'Orange Muppet Hitler! (

What are the chemicals the body produces causing you to pass out like when you meet a famous person etc?

  • Like whenever people pass out from seeing a famous person in person haha sounds weird..but anyway yeah like what causes that? like what are the actual chemicals/hormones/whatever that the brain produces causing you to faint? Is it a form of shock or something?
  • adrenalin

Which famous person should I dress up as for a party tonight?

  • A friend of mine is celebrating her birthday this evening, enforcing the obnoxious theme of "Famous Fifteen". I am apparently required to dress up as a famous person, but am at a loss for inspiration. Unfortunately, I have to leave for the party in 4 hours, so I need something simple. Any thoughts? If it helps, I have shoulder length/curly brown hair, light skin, brown eyes, and am average height/kinda chubby. I know I am not actually going to look like someone, but whatevs. Thanks, all! Any helpful suggestions are welcome. <3
  • Hmm...I HATE theme parties!! That said, I have a couple suggestions for you: Gwen Stefani- Something leopard-print with some red shoes and red lipstick, and pull your hair back in a French twist if you can. Paris Hilton- Can you score a blonde wig fast? Then all you need is a purse with a stuffed dog in it and some blingy jewelry. Sex and the City girls- do you have three friends who also don't know what to wear tonight? You could each pick a Sex and the City girl and go as them together. You should go as Carrie, with your pretty curly hair. You could really wear just about anything for that costume, as long as you wear fabulous high-heeled shoes.

Who is the most famous person to star in one of your dreams?

  • Hi teens, I'm really bored, and this section isn't very lively at the moment, so here comes a random question. The most famous person to star in one of my dreams, so far, is Billy Gibbons (from ZZ Top). I was in awe. I don't even know why he was there. To be honest, I don't actually remember much of the dream. It was a couple of days ago. So teens, who is the most famous person to star in one of your dreams?
  • This one wrestler, John Cena, but that's it =]

If royalty or a famous person was coming to your house for breakfast, what would you make?

  • A famous person who wants a nice big breakfast with a lot of things served? Assuming you liked this person and you wanted to make an awesome breakfast?
  • Eggs Florentine with a spread of fresh fruit drizzled with a honey/yogurt mixture. Cinnamon French toast made a little bit sweeter and a touch of vanilla extract

What famous person should i dress up as?

  • so for homecoming week we have to dress up as a famous person/celebrity/historical character. i want to be someone easily recognized. i'm a girl, white, tallish, brown eyes, brown/auburn coily curly hair. we have to be within dress code so no lady gaga. i am also kind of a shy person so i dont want to be something that will stand out, but i also dont want to be something lame.

What famous person should I impersonate for class?

  • for one of my classes we have to dress up like any famous person (dead or alive) and impersonate them for the class (in spanish). I'm a girl and I don't want to wear a ridiculous costume so does any1 have ideas that are easy to dress up like?

Any ideas for a famous person I could dress up as for a dance?

  • We are having a "Red Carpet/Hollywood" themed dance at school, and I need to dress up as a famous person. I have red hair, freckles, and I am a girl. I can always use a wig or make-up though. Thanks!
  • Nicole Kidman Isla Fisher Megan Fox :) x

Have you named your child after a famous person?

  • I used to look after a boy called Woody (named after Woody Allen). I thought this was quite a ridiculous name at first but the boy did look like a Woody! Have you named your child after a famous person? Or have you heard of anybody naming their child/children after a famous person?
  • My friend named his daughter Orchard, she was born just after Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin called their daughter Apple. He said, "If Chris Martin can have an Apple then I want the whole Orchard.". I thought it was odd at the time but she really suits the name & she's definitely the only one in the playground called Orchard.