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*  Hills and Valleys (Feb 10 2011)
How about... thumper! That copy process is happening now.. Meanwhile, we'll be off for ... About 6 hours to copy the data one way. You should not have to copy it back as it ... About 6 hours to copy the data one way. You should not have to copy it back as it ... And then we'll have to copy the data back.. - Matt. -- BOINC/SETI@home network/web/ ......
*  Frequently Asked Admissions Questions - History Department - Boston College
If submitting hard copy application items, please mail to the admissions processing ......
*  R: Support for Parallel computation in R
Fork a Copy of the Current R Process. mckill. Low-level Functions for Management of ... Evaluate an R Expression Asynchronously in a Separate Process. mcexit. Fork a Copy of the ... Low-level Functions for Management of Forked Processes. R_PARALLEL_PORT. Create a ... Low-level Functions for Management of Forked Processes. sendMaster. Low-level Functions ......
*  LKML: Federico Gherardini: A question about do fork and CLONE VM
so the new process receives the memory descriptor of the parent. After that copy_process ... copy_mm (invoked by copy_process) actually does. oldmm = current-,mm;. if (!oldmm). ... this is where the new process receives its esp from the start_stack parameter supplied ... stack field of the memory descriptor of the child process which is now incorrect since we ......
*  Working with Processes and the Process Editor - 11g Release 1 (
It provides a general introduction to business processes and describes the process editor ... This chapter provides information about creating and using business processes in Oracle ... To copy and paste a flow object in a process:. * Open the process containing the flow ... You can copy and paste one or more flow objects within a process or between processes. ......
*  LifeCampTO social graph
I copied that into Emacs and processed the associative list's edges. I needed to do that ... I copied the adjacency matrix and pasted it onto itself using OOo's Paste Special - ......
*  Pitfalls of Content-Type Filtering for Apache Struts 2 Vulnerability CVE-2017...
... copy(#process.getInputStream(),#ros)).(#ros.flush())} ... ProCheckUp has worked with several clients throughout the process of finding, fixing and ... process=#p.start()).(#ros=(@org.apache.struts2.ServletActionContext@getResponse(). ......
*  Difference between revisions of "File Systems" -
uses a simple copy-on-write update process to ensure consistency (the. ... is a new copy on write filesystem that first appeared in the kernel in 2.6.29-rc1 and [ ... btrfs is a new copy-on-write filesystem that first appeared in the kernel in 2.6.29-rc1 ... The final image can be copied to the block device using dd. ......
*  explorer.exe not executing - Page 2
I opened msconfig, to see two new processes, process command ... When one process is killed, the other memory resident copies replace it. Here's the ... All you need to do is restart in safemode and use msconfig to remove the startup process ... reason that you failed to remove them from msconfig is probably that those two processes ......
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Once the book is ready, you can e-mail it or print out copies for friends and family. ... If you've been scrapbooking for a while, you'll find that moving the process to your ... And because the electronic process can be much more efficient than traditional ... Now, with the streamlined process of electronic scrapbooking, you can make numerous ......

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(1/30) Office equipment and supplies: a modern occupational health concern?

The Helsinki Office Environment Study, a population-based cross-sectional study was carried out in Finland in 1991 among 2,678 workers in 41 randomly selected office buildings. The aim was to evaluate the relations between work with office equipment and supplies and the occurrence of eye, nasopharyngeal, skin, and general symptoms (often denoted as sick building syndrome (SBS)), chronic respiratory symptoms, and respiratory infections. Work with self-copying paper was significantly related to weekly work-related eye, nasopharyngeal, and skin symptoms, headache and lethargy, as well as to the occurrence of wheezing, cough, mucus production, sinusitis, and acute bronchitis. Photocopying was related to nasal irritation, and video display terminal work to eye symptoms, headache, and lethargy.  (+info)

(2/30) Library cooperation: wave of the future or ripple?

Little of the literature in library cooperation applies specifically to library service for the health sciences. Based on experience in and observations of the cooperation of health science libraries, this short lecture reviews aspects of general library cooperation, networks, and consortia. The effects on library operation of several cooperative activities are enumerated and cooperation management is discussed briefly.  (+info)

(3/30) Negative effect of photocopier toner on alveolar macrophages determined by in vitro magnetometric evaluation.

Photocopier toner has been implicated in the etiology of some pulmonary diseases. We examined here the in vitro toxicity of toner particles to alveolar macrophages. Cell magnetometry revealed that relaxation was not delayed in macrophages exposed to toner, which represents a rapid decrease in the remaining magnetism emitted by phagocytosed magnetite. However, relaxation was delayed in macrophages exposed to silica (positive controls). The release of intracellular LDH enzyme activity to the extracellular space was negligible in cells exposed to toner compared with negative and positive controls. Morphological examinations by light and electron microscopy revealed no abnormal findings in the exposed cells. A histochemical study using TUNEL staining and the electrophoretic profile of DNA obtained from cells exposed to toner and to silica were negative for apoptosis. The results of the present and other investigations into animal exposure indicate that photocopier toner is toxicologically inert. However, although the present study examined only effects in vitro, exposure to toner should be minimized because lung overloading in animals has been reported.  (+info)

(4/30) Combating omission errors through task analysis and good reminders.

Leaving out necessary task steps is the single most common human error type. Certain task steps possess characteristics that are more likely to provoke omissions than others, and can be identified in advance. The paper reports two studies. The first, involving a simple photocopier, established that failing to remove the last page of the original is the commonest omission. This step possesses four distinct error-provoking features that combine their effects in an additive fashion. The second study examined the degree to which everyday memory aids satisfy five features of a good reminder: conspicuity, contiguity, content, context, and countability. A close correspondence was found between the percentage use of strategies and the degree to which they satisfied these five criteria. A three stage omission management programme was outlined: task analysis (identifying discrete task steps) of some safety critical activity; assessing the omission likelihood of each step; and the choice and application of a suitable reminder. Such a programme is applicable to a variety of healthcare procedures.  (+info)

(5/30) Obtaining journal reprints: the 'dos' and 'don'ts'.

In a search for knowledge, and to expand their own work, scientists and academicians have depended on the work of colleagues with similar interests. While attending conferences enables one to acquire useful knowledge, the information so gained is unlikely to be lasting. Furthermore, many persons learn better by reading than by listening, and reading can be done at one's own convenience. These and many other reasons account for the increasing number of reprints requested by researchers, and in medicine, by practicing clinicians.  (+info)

(6/30) Medicare program; photocopying reimbursement methodology. Final rule.

This final rule increases the rate of reimbursement for expenses incurred by prospective payment system PPS) hospitals for photocopying medical records requested by Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs), formerly known as Utilization and Quality Control Peer Review Organizations (PROs). We are increasing the rate from 7 cents per page to 12 cents per page to reflect inflationary changes in the labor and supply cost components of the formula. This final rule also provides for the periodic review and adjustment of the per-page reimbursement rate to account for inflation and changes in technology. The methodology for calculating the per-page reimbursement rate will remain unchanged. We are also providing for the payment of the expenses of furnishing photocopies to QIOs, to other providers subject to a PPS (for example, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies), in accordance with the rules established for reimbursing PPS hospitals for these expenses.  (+info)

(7/30) Copy fees and patients' rights to obtain a copy of their medical records: from law to reality.

Patients have a legal right under HIPAA to a copy of their medical records. Personal life-long medical records rely on patients' ability to exercise this right inexpensively and in a timely manner. We surveyed 73 hospitals across the US, with a geographic concentration around Boston, to determine their policies about fees for copying medical records and the expected time it takes to fulfill such requests. Fees range very widely, from $2-55 for short records of 15 pages to $15-585 for long ones of 500 pages. Times also range widely, from 1-30 days (or longer for off-site records). A few institutions provide records for free and even fewer make them accessible on-line. We argue that electronic records will help solve the problem of giving patients access to their own records, will do so inexpensively and in a format more likely to be useful than paper.  (+info)

(8/30) Office work exposures [corrected] and respiratory and sick building syndrome symptoms.

OBJECTIVES: To assess the relation between exposure to carbonless copy paper (CCP), paper dust, and fumes from photocopiers and printers (FPP), and the occurrence of sick building syndrome (SBS)-related symptoms, chronic respiratory symptoms and respiratory infections. METHODS: A population-based cross-sectional study with a random sample of 1016 adults, 21-63 years old, living in Pirkanmaa District in South Finland was conducted. This study focused on 342 office workers classified as professionals, clerks or administrative personnel according to their current occupation by the International Standard Classification of Occupations-88. They answered a questionnaire about personal information, health, smoking, occupation, and exposures in the work environment and at home. RESULTS: In logistic regression analyses adjusting for age, sex and a set of other confounders, all three exposures were related to a significantly increased risk of general symptoms (headache and fatigue). Exposure to paper dust and to FPP was associated with upper respiratory and skin symptoms, breathlessness, tonsillitis and middle ear infections. Exposure to CCP increased the risk of eye symptoms, chronic bronchitis and breathlessness. It was also associated with increased occurrence of sinus and middle ear infections and diarrhoea. A dose-response relations was observed between the number of exposures and occurrence of headache. The risk of tonsillitis and sinus infections also increased with increasing number of exposures. All chronic respiratory symptoms, apart from cough, were increased in the highest exposure category (including all three exposures). CONCLUSIONS: This study provides new evidence that exposure to paper dust and to FPP is related to the risk of SBS symptoms, breathlessness and upper respiratory infections. It strengthens the evidence that exposure to CCP increases the risk of eye symptoms, general symptoms, chronic respiratory symptoms and some respiratory infections. Reduction of these exposures could improve the health of office workers.  (+info)

What processes occur in the body during a period of critical stress?

Can someone who knows this stuff please inform me on the processes that occur in the body during a period of severe stress. I have heard things like stress makes you gain weight, stress makes you lose muscle mass, stress causes increased blood sugar levels, stress causes the breakdown of protein in the body and increased fat storage. However, I am not exactly sure how many of these are true and am interested in finding out the real facts behind stress.

your forgot...
acne =]

What physiological processes within his body caused his erythrocyte count to increase in the past 6 weeks?

Daniel, a pilot for a paramedical squad, has recently been stationed to Mexico City for 3 months. Six weeks after his arrival, a routine medical examination shows that his erythrocyte count is elevated, his respiratory rate is above normal, and his hemoglobin O2 saturation level is lower than normal. 

What physiological processes within his body caused his erythrocyte count to increase in the past 6 weeks?

Might check the altitude he is at compaired to where he was 6 wks ago, it might be due to altitude. If not he needs more follow up tests of causes to polycytemia.Not auditing typing fast lol. Good luck.

What are the different candy-making processes?

I'm planning 2 invent a garlic candy... can you help me with what candy making process i'd use... also can you give the URLs of websites with information on candy making processes.. thanks.
can you at least state HOW TO DO IT.
any more detailed answers????

is copying other personalities from tv or movies good or bad a disorder?

Like lets say you watching a movie but there is a little girl and you start acting like her days later. You don't remember the movie or wasn't even thinking about it you just start to act like her. Now lets say your old enough, past childhood and your still acting and copying personalities, but what if your copying a personality from someone bad and you can't stop? This happens to children a lot but what if your older?

I've never heard of a copying disorder but I'm open to believe it might exist. Are you sure that you or someone you know always does this or has it only happened a few times. Is the condition serious? Can hey make themselves stop copying others? (are you just worrying too much?)

I wouldn't say this copying problem is bad unless is causes a serious problem (getting fired or suspended from school etc..)

If the "copying condition/disorder?" thing happens for a really long time maybe it is bad that they can't stop, then yes they probably should see a therapist, psychiatrist or maybe a hypnotist.

but if the person with the "copying problem"  is autistic or something it might just be typical behavior.. but yeah.. even still - if the problem persists for a really long time that person probably should still see therapist, psychiatrist or maybe a hypnotist.

How to change my style without be accused of copying someone?

So I've always had more of a punk/scene type of style but I didn't have any of the clothes/makeup until now. I have a friend who has always been punk/scene and were seen together a lot. Last year I started dressing more like that and people accused me of copying her. Now that I have the clothes and makeup I'm afraid to dress like that because I don't want to be seen as copying her. What do I do?

I would not think that you were necessarily copying her. I mean you wanted to dress like that in the past but now have the means to do so. If she feels you are copying then that's her.  Or you can simply explain the situation. Make it your own sense of style be you. Don't worry about anything else. What's important is that you do what you like, not what others may think. :) GL

At what age do babies start copying your actions and noises?

My son is 2 1/2 months old and for the last week he's been copying me, when I make noises and stick my tongue out he laughs an then he does it too. I love it, but isn’t he sort of young for that still?

That's cute!!  He may just be a fast learner.  The only bad side to this is they never stop so you will have to deal with it longer.  Just wait until you let a bad word slip!!  No matter what else you say your kid will be walking around yelling this to everyone who will listen!  I promise you will laugh sometimes.

What processes occur in the body during a period of severe stress?

Can someone who knows this stuff please inform me on the  processes that occur in the body during a period of severe stress. I have heard things like stress makes you gain weight, stress makes you lose muscle mass, stress causes increased blood sugar levels, stress causes the breakdown of protein in the body and increased fat storage. However, I am not exactly sure how many of these are true and am interested in finding out the real facts behind stress.

Stress is the body's reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.

Stress is a normal part of life. Many events that happen to you and around you,and many things that you do yourself,put stress on your body. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts.

How does stress affect health?

The human body is designed to experience stress and react to it. Stress can be positive, keeping us alert and ready to avoid danger. Stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between challenges. As a result, the person becomes overworked, and stress-related tension builds.

Stress that continues without relief can lead to a condition called distress,a negative stress reaction. Distress can lead to physical symptoms including headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, and problems sleeping. Research suggests that stress also can bring on or worsen certain symptoms or diseases.

Stress also becomes harmful when people use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to try to relieve their stress. Unfortunately, instead of relieving the stress and returning the body to a relaxed state, these substances tend to keep the body in a stressed state and cause more problems.

How can i become girly without someone thinking i am copying them?

My friend Natalie is a girly girl and i really want to dress like her and be like her, but she might think i am copying her, and i need some tips on becoming a girly girl. NO MAKEUP!!!

Start wearing really cute necklaces.  Then you can start adding some other girly things eventually (like skirts and pink tops)...until you become a girly girl too. Wear what you really like and looks good on you, not only what looks good on your friend.